Hi, Guys, sorry for the Wrong message. Where are you guys living? I live close to the Gatestone Elementary School, and really wants to make new friends.
-lisali77(lisa) 2014-1-16
-znccz(znccz) 2014-1-18
Hi, 没准儿,我们还在学校后面的Park, 见过呐, 呵呵。 my email: lisa@libertycfs.com. 因为下星期要换电话,所以先给你我的邮箱。
-lisali77(lisa) 2014-1-19
-znccz(znccz) 2014-1-20
Wow, it is very nice to go back and have new year with all relatives. Wish you and your family Happy Chinese New Year!
-lisali77(lisa) 2014-1-29